Friday, December 18, 2009

The Dipankara Story 1 and 2



Gandharan Archives Kurita

- Thanks to my friends, mainly dealers, I have a large quantity of photographs of Gandharan sculptures, paintings and other objects.
- These pictures, however fragmentary are important and precious for people who study the art of Gandhara.
- I would like to record these pictures in my blog "Gandharan Archives Kurita" but will exclude those which have been already published in my "Gandharan Art 1, 2" (Nigensha Publishing Co.Ltd 2003).
- It is now impossible to trace the owners of these pieces in order to ask permission for them to be recorded in my blog. I apologize in advance to the actual owners of the pieces for not having asked permission to reproduce them in this way. Please understand that the purpose of my blog is to provide information to people who love and study the art of Gandhara.
- If some one finds his piece in my blog, please let me know. I follow his instruction, erase or mention his copyright.
- Anyone can use or print out pictures from my blog without prior permission but only for academic use and not for commercial use. If the picture mentions the copyright of the owner, please ask the permission.

Thank you.

Isao Kurita.