Friday, April 23, 2010

Extra 6

What is the story? Amrapali?

Extra 5

This is Siva was found in the village which exists on the top of the stupa mound in Sahri-Bahlol. Many Gandharan pieces were found there.
Some time we find there also Hindu pieces like this Siva. The stone of this Siva is exactly same Gray schist as Gandharan scupture. Also style of carving of this Siva is same as Gandharan style, late style of Sahri-Bahlol.


Extra 3, 4

It is said that these pieces (extra-3, 4) are from Begram. Most probably these were made in Bajaur (or Swat) and then transported to Begram.
We can probably find close connection in style and in manufacturing period between these two schools. Also I would like to point out that we find indented pattern on the halo in both school.



Friday, April 9, 2010

Extra 1, 2

Amrapali presents the Buddha with a Mango grove(?).


Comments KURITA
These pcs are from Matta, northern Swat from where many late terracotta pieces come out. Some of them are very similar to Swati Bronze Buddha, which can be dated 6-7th Century.
The fact that these 2 pcs are from this area is interesting. Aparently the sculpture of these 2 pcs are late, especially the pillar.

Interpretation of Maya's Dream 4

Interpretation of Queen Maya's Dream_4
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Interpretation of Maya's Dream 3

Interpretation of Queen Maya's Dream_3
From Swat

Interpretation of Maya's Dream 2

Interpretation of Queen Maya's Dream_2
From Buner

Interpretation of Maya's Dream 1

Interpretation of Queen Maya's Dream_1