Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Stone of the Mallas

The Stone of the Mallas

The Stone of The Mallas
This scene was considered up to now as one of the 3 stories of “Attacks of Devadatta” (Devadatta sends killers to assassinate the Buddha), according to the interpretation by A.Foucher. But recently Professor Monika Zin published the new interpretation of this scene, named “The stone of the Mallas or The rock on The Road to Kusinagara” (on the way to Kusinagara, the Buddha meets the young strong Mallas who try to move big stone but not successful. Then the Buddha moves the stone easily by hand …… shows his power .....).
Professor NAKAO ODANI also published in Japanese the same interpretation. Often this scene is followed by the death of the Buddha.

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